Sungguh Kemajuan was incorporated in Malaysia back in 1978 with initial core business in property development and investment. Having successfully completed various projects over the years, Sungguh Kemajuan has earned good reputation for ensuring timely completion and delivery of all housing projects undertaken, with high quality in building materials and workmanship together with well-planned infrastructure and environment friendly landscaping.


Sungguh Kemajuan is now a very experienced property developer entity specialising in the development and management of affordable housing especially in the state of Kedah. It embraces a philosophy of full service management and treating each project with passion and care. Top quality in every aspect is the main focus of the company to ensures customers satisfaction and peace of mind.


Sungguh Kemajuan's vision is to achieve a better and brighter tomorrow through all the developments that we had completed and aim to improve our company image to be one of the most reliable and innovative one in the industry.